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About Me

Hey There,

First Off, Thank You for Stopping By. I Am So Excited to Share With You My Love for Fashion. I Have Always Loved Fashion Trends and For as Long as I can Remember I Would Always Try to Guess the Next Fashion Trend for the Season. Most of the Time I Was Right. Whether it Was Leather Jackets in the Fall, Wedges for the Summer, Olive Pants, Strappy Heals, Dainty Jewelry. One Time I Was So Surprised When I Was Looking Everywhere for a Very Specific Turtle Neck Sweater and Next Thing I Knew, Turtle Neck Tops Became the Trend of the Season. 

But it Felt More Like a Game or a Hobby if you will. I Never Dreamed of Making Going into Business in Fashion. But as I Got Older the Desire Grew. I Was Going in Stores and Could Not Find Anything Suitable to Wear. Yes, There Were Clothing that Accommodating to What was Trending at the Time, but it Wasn't Practical I Could Put it On and Go Out Looking like a Hot Mess! Not to Mention the Prices that Were Way to High for the Quality. I Do Not Go Shopping Anymore, and I'm Sure a Lot of You Feel the Same Way. 

I Knew There Was More to What My Local Retail Stores Were Offering. It Might Sound Arrogant but I Felt I Could Do a Better Job. I Felt that I Could Provide Women Better Options and Inspire their Personal Style; Like a Personal Stylist. So I Took Matters Into My Own Hands and Did My Research. I Found Suppliers that Provided Great Quality Clothing at Affordable Prices According to My Standards and Put in All the Hard Work to Bring Come to Life. 

I Hope You See the Vision and Understand the Purpose of This Store and Follow Me Along on this Journey. 

Thanks So Much for Reading and I Hope You See My Desire through the Clothing.





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